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FFL Transfer Info
Transfer FAQ
Things You Should Know

- Can I purchase a firearm online?

Yes.  The seller will request a copy of our FFL if they do not have it on file already.  Email us with their fax or email info, and we will send them what they need.


- Do I need my Concealed Pistol License (CPL) to buy a gun?

No.  But having it will allow us to conduct your background check and bypass the 10 day waiting period if you are purchasing a handgun.


- Can I get my Concealed Pistol License (CPL) from you?

No.  More info about obtaining a CPL here:

-What if a transfer is scheduled to be delivered on a day the shop is closed?

If we miss delivery it will be delivered next day and you will be notified.

- Do I need to notify you before my firearm is transferred to your shop?

No.  Unless the seller requests a copy of our FFL, there is no need to notify us before your firearm is transferred to our shop.


- Can I fill out the paperwork before my firearm is delivered?

No.  The firearm must be logged in by CCG before your paperwork is done.


- Once my firearm transfer arrives, can you fax or email me the paperwork?

No.  The paperwork must be filled out in our shop.


- Can my spouse, relative, or friend do the paperwork for me?

No. The person who purchased the firearm is responsible for filling out the paperwork.


- Can my spouse, relative, or friend pick up my firearm for me?

No. The person who filled out the paperwork is responsible for picking up the firearm.


- The tracking info shows me that my package was delivered.  Why haven’t I received a phone call yet?

We make every effort processing deliveries in a timely manner. Market demands may cause delays due to the precise federal & state documentation required. As soon as yours is processed, you will be notified.

-What payment methods do you accept?

We prefer cash, but can run any credit card.  We do not take checks.

Updated 07/06/17