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 Defacement of firearms non-compliant with various state
"Gun Ban Enforcement" is not done here.

Since 2004

Owned & Operated by: Leslie Curtis Jonsson                                         

Les Jonsson developed the desire early in life of wanting to know how things work. To his parent's dismay he constantly disassembled toys, household items, cars and farm equipment, reassembly being intermittent. As time passed, the realization of doing no harm took hold, and how things work became a natural career course.

One day, while staring at his still randomly misfiring Colt Vest Pocket, after another visit to a gunsmith for repair, Les took the plunge, systematically disassembling it - completely - and determining that the main spring was wrong. Thereafter, with the purchase of an NRA gun assembly manual, he had it back together, and it was fixed! That was the epiphany. He realized he could fix guns too. One’s that others couldn’t - or wouldn't. One idea led to another - tools, doing business, a name, being primary factors, and after more than a decade of taking care of our local gun owner’s service, repair, and transfer needs, CCG wants to thank every customer - past, present, and future - for keeping it on the map.

Sincere efforts to ensure your repair or service is what you expect. That's my Pledge.


Thank You!

 Whether you are a collector, hunter, plinker, period enthusiast, or just an average shooter, your gun is important to you. Work done to your firearm at CCG is backed up by 14 years of satisfied customers. If what you pay for fails, or you feel the work is substandard, bring it back. We will work it out.



Are you interested in alternate forms of Self-Defense?

Here at CCG we love the enjoyment that firearms provide in the many forms of recreation they are used in. We also understand the lethality they have if required for mortal self-defense. Now imagine, though you have it, that you don’t need a gun to defend yourself in the event you are attacked by someone with a stick, a bat, or even a knife. No 'Deadly Force' concerns. No anxiety arising post event. With this in mind, we want to recommend a form of family oriented, non-lethal self-defense training, that can help you to reach these goals.


If you want to know how to disable an attacker without shooting, take a close look at the link to Mark Moy’s Academy of Martial Arts & Tai Chi

Here's a good read. It helped me understand how our nations legal morass has morphed into a tool for individual self-aggrandizement instead of protecting our rights.


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Pg. 24, Paragraph 2

     "The energy of a free society comes from your ownership of daily choices. This ownership of life's decisions is what freedom is supposed to offer. Freedom is not just a dutiful right to cast a ballot, or a defensive shield against abuse. Freedom is action by you. Freedom is the ability to make a difference, in your own works and projects, and also together with others in the community and broader society. Freedom to do what you think is right and sensible is what freedom is.

     Now think of things that turn you off. Filling out forms that no one will read, and then filling them out again the next time. Being talked at with no ability to talk back - whether by a burned-out teacher, a robo-consumer service center, or a bureaucrat with no interest or ability in helping to solve your problem. The worst is being required to do stupid things just because a rule requires it..."

Pg. 44 Paragraph 1

"As (James) Madison put it:

'It is one of the most prominent features of the Constitution, a principle that pervades the whole system,

that there should be the highest possible degree of responsibility in all the Executive officers

thereof; anything, therefore, which tends to lessen this responsibility is contrary to it's spirit.'

Sitting in front of us, in plain view, is an assumption that guarantees the failure of the framer's vision for democracy: Officials no longer are allowed to act on their best judgement. Surrounded by public failure, you would think that Americans might start to question this system."

Get it. Read it. Remember it.


Remember; the Majority still rules!
We strongly urge all Americans to join the NRA
Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States.
(George Washington - excerpt from An Examination of the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution)

Updated 11/20/2017