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Your One Stop Firearm Repair and Service Shop.

Things You Should Know
Contact Us
Gun Sales
Established in 2004
Operating Hours: Monday & Wednesday thru Friday 9am to 4pm
Closed on Tuesday
We observe all Holidays; real or imagined.
Phone: 360-694-7858
Fax: 888-813-6566

FFL: 9-91-01162
ATF FFL EasyCheck

*Residentially located, please call or email for a schedule prior to visiting*

This is Ruby. She is our friendly customer greeter that may meet you at the door.
 She's not angry. She's saying Hello!

What We Do
Our specialty is the repair, service, modification, and restoration of firearms. All of them. We also facilitate the Washington state and federal firearms transfer process.

A Note - Repairing Guns Over the Phone:
All due respect to your understanding, it is neither practical, or safe, to expect a reliable diagnosis and repair from someone who hasn't held the weapon.
 Please call for a time when you can bring it in.

We do not deface firearms non-compliant with various state "Gun Ban Enforcement"

Out of State Purchase? - FFL transfer paperwork & pick-up arrangements are easily made. Call or email to let us know. Or we'll simply call you when it arrives.
Weekends & Holidays - phone messages only

  Shop Rate
: $50.00/hour - 1 hour minimum

Firearm Transfer Fees:
Long guns: $25.00 per transferred item
Handguns: $25.00 per transferred item
Lowers: $25.00 per transferred item; $15.00 per each after the first
Ammo/Accessories: $10.00 handling fee per box

 plus 8.4% state use tax of total purchase & shipping cost

Note: Cash Transaction Preferred for Firearm Transfers

Firearm Shipment - $25.00, plus actual shipping charge (Materials & packaging included)

DuraCoat Firearm Finishes
We offer the Duracoat processes of gun metal finishing. The most popular firearm finishing product on the market today. Permanent and durable, posted below is our affordable pricing list.




Bolt & Pump Rifle or Shotgun

Semi-Auto & Lever Rifle, or Shotgun

Tactical Rifles








As Discussed






Please Note: If Durafil is needed add $50.00